Christian Bodegren

Christian Bodegren bags another great journey and reaches the Caspain Sea!

Wonderful news from Christian Bodegren !!!

He has once again done an extraordinary journey far away from heavily overrated and sponsored Expeditions with great success. Read his wonderful summary words when reaching his goal!


And there was I finally standing at the Caspian sea.
What a great filing,couldn’t almost believe I was there.
Al this filings was making me crying like a baby, and smiling of happiness on the same time.
When I’m was raising the Swedish flag to the sky and scream out.

I did it, I finally did it, I’m hear at the Caspian sea.
Its have taking me a year to getting hear.
I have being walking so far to reaching this point.
What a great filing.

What an expedition its have being, what an great journey.

To being able to walk whit camels over these incredibly vast landscape, in Mongolia and Kazakhstan.
Where the clouds seems touching the ground in a distance.
And being able to experience al seasons on this vast steppe landscape.
Are a big gift which have truly changing my life.

And It was a big number of people how told me.
I should never making it cross a winter in Kazakhstan alone whit a Camel.
But I actually did it, and are proudly
to say, al of you was wrong.
And that feels extra good a day like this.

Because to day I filing like the worlds greatest.
And off cours very tired after al walking.
And longing for to go home, and to sitt down in one and the same plays for a wild.

And thanks al of you how have helping me to making this expedition possible.
Whit big and small things in this project.
You have being truly helpful to maiking me being able to complete this adventure.

Because its are very important we learning more about other countries and cultures.
And I hoping my film are able to teaching you something new.

And thank you al how whit a positive attitude have written to me along this journey.
That have truly helping me in hard times.
Sorry for not being able to always response back.

Special thanks to.
Nurlan Bolysbekov,Exp,org, Kazakhstan. FB,
Jan Wigsten,contact,person,
Mikael Strandberg, for your knowledge and help.
Bergans of Norway,for the tent.
Kz Ambassad Stockholm.
Global Rescue.
Swedish Ambassad, Astana, kz.
TT Sjögren,help whit homepag, expedition technology.
Dana Zolkina.
Astana hostel people.
My family.
And off cours, Goliat and Houdini my camels.
Sorry, if I missing someone.

And remember.
To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act.
Anatole France (1844-1929)

A very tired and happy Christian Bodegren, next to the Caspian sea in Kazakhstan.

Se you soon Sweden.

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