Explorer Mikael Strandberg

#beBOLDR Expedition Watch

I have always lacked a trusted watch on Expeditions. Especially in freezing and dark Arctic winter conditions. All watches I have had so far, have died on me due to weak battery power. And a good watch makes a difference when it comes to survival issues. Meaning no battery issues, you can “read it” in the dark and it has to be able to withstand hard knocks. And be water -and weather resistant.
A watch like that, I would need for my planned upcoming Expedition. By pure luck I was contacted by Leon Leong recently. I met him back in 2010 when he was one of the organizers of TED X Mälaren. And he asked me if I would be interested in becoming an ambassador. Representing their brand with the spirit of adventure and exploration. I checked their homepage, loved their style and after reading the company history I felt:
“I am such a lucky fella!”
The Expedition watch arrived yesterday. Packed in a exclusive box, which have now become my coffee cup resting place. And the watch is exactly what I wished for. And included was a small notebook to bring for the journey. Another important detail. Together we will work for an even more exclusive watch!
I took it both for a half marathon run and a bike ride yesterday. I felt its solid presence on my arm. Brilliant is the word!
Read the great company story which made a difference for me! https://www.boldrsupply.co/pages/the-brand

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