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Yes! 35.57 km! Finally!

Yes! 35.57 km! Finally!
I am writing this the next morning. 3 a.m. 4 hours of sleep. Same story every time I overdo the run. Which is once a week. Body is tired and I cannot sleep. I have just done yoga. It makes such a difference everey day. For me it is warming up the motor, taking away the body stiffness. On top of that I Black Roll my legs and feet. And I will be doing this all day. It is part of the routine. I will be down and out for a couple of days.
Every morning I fill out like a how-are-you-doing scheme. An app from Svexa called an athletes advisor. It is free. And than I check how my sleep has been on Oura. I have this ring on my finger which measures my sleep, well pretty much everything throughout the day. And makes an assessment. Most of the time right. As you see now, it says I am down and out!
Is it worth it?
First of all, this is how pretty much every day is on Expedition. Like the Siberian one. I think Johan Ivarsson and me used about 4-6000 calories a day. The run yesterday was only just over 2000. To give you an idea what it takes. To do an Expedition.
Secondly, in these days of confinement due to Covid-19 it is needed to keep sane! During the 5 hours of running I met one elderly couple and 4 ladies on horses. That´s it. The run was mainly on forest and heath tracks, up and down. Either through the remarkable beech forest. Or up on hills with great views. On grass. It is a great feeling of being free. And being outdoors makes me happy.
And I am not giving in to Covid-19, letting it dictate my life as it wish.
Ah, of course when I came back to the call, the girls called and had lost the key to the bike lock. They were walking home from school. Could I pick up the bikes on my way back? Once home, really tired, Evas homework was making a sponge cake. She had never done one and misread the recipe which said a 1½ liter bowl. She thought it said 1½ liter of butter…well, the rest is history!
See the run and the science measurements https://www.strava.com/activities/4393857321

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