Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Modern Explorer Essentials number 1. Manually wired expedition watch.

Modern Explorer Essentials number 1.
Manually wired expedition watch.
I have used Boldr Supply´s Expedition Everest Watch for half a year now. I have never had such a nice watch before. And I didn´t know what a security item it is in the modern Expedition world we live in. It´s workable in the dark, takes any wetness and deep water pressure down to 200 meters. And tough. And its exact. It needs no battery to do its job. Which is keeping time, helping in accessing distance. location and how many days the Explorer has been out. To help food count for example. It doesn´t disappoint. I have had modern battery driven watches with GPS and so on, runs out immediately. Not good in darkwinter travel.
On top of this, other folks have actually come up to me and said they thouht it looked cool. that have never happened before as regards to any other item! It does look very elegant, classy and adventurous!
I am very happy over the watch that these guys have put together. I like their whole attitude and idea.
Here´s the watch at https://www.boldrsupply.co/collections/expedition/products/expedition-everest
And one of the best interviews doen about myself, ever https://www.boldrsupply.co/blogs/b-roll/exploring-the-human-spirit-a-boldr-journey-with-mikael-strandberg

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