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Morning Happiness from Boldr Supply

I think for most of us this Covid-19 time produces a lot of pressure. My sleep has taken a beating. For example. So I woke up quite sluggish this morning. As always I put on my Bialetti with a strong espresso to wake me up. A very windy day at 3.30 a.m. I had worked late preparing the girls bicycles. School start today!. But it took hours to adjust brakes, wheels, cables and gears. I started to do some yoga to wake up the body as well, than I remembered!
The parcel from Leon and the other folks at Boldr Supply!
I opened the delivery. There it was! First, the protoype for the perfect outdoor knife! And a small water- and battleprooved case with a Titanium watch! Both items beautiful for the eye!
So I first met Leon when he was one of the folks arranging a TED X lecture in Stockholm back in 2010. Great human being. We have been on and off in touch since then. He is one of the guys behind Boldr Supply. And I love their passion, history, dedication and simplicity. Something which is important as regards to doing Expeditions.
And Leon asked about the perfect outdoor knife and my thoughts around that. For me, a knife is one of the main tools of an explorers tool kit. It is used for most things. It has to be durable, simple, fit the hand and be sharp. This prototype is a beauty and feels great in the hand. Time to test it.
As for the watch, I have been honored earlier with an Expedition watch. The titanium variety is smaller and lighter. Easier on the wrist. A great watch is one of the most helpful items on a modern expedition. We are testing which one is best in extreme cold.
Boldr and Jaspal did a great interview which I want to share with you. One interview I am very happy with. See here https://www.boldrsupply.co/blogs/b-roll/exploring-the-human-spirit-a-boldr-journey-with-mikael-strandberg

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