Defender X

Expedition Defender X. First day!

1st day, drama immediately!
17 hours of driving!
After only 250 km we hit a bump on a the motorway in Belgium and we have three problems right now. A fuelleak, the exhaust pipe rubbing the tire, which has taken a beating and an unknown rattle in the transmission.
We re travelling on half tank, hoping to reach Hannover tonight. For repairs tomorrow.
I have to say we have had an awful amount of mechanical problems since this project started. But it is a complicated project.
Obviously this is actually what an Expedition normally develops. Lots of small and big obstacles along the way. But we are moving forward! And we have a great team!
“Are you driving too?” a reader asked today.
No I am not. Jeff has this idea he and Steve will drive every centimeter of the road. Which I can fully understand and appreciate!
I try to be funny. I am sure I am not doing to well. And together with Miss Rørdam do a extraordinary film. A real challenge too considering the plan is to drive 12 hours a day to keep the schedule. Which is fine too. I just feel very happy and priviled to be part of this extraordinary journey.
So we are doing it in stages. This is stage one from London (Oxford) to Yakutsk. You can follow our trip here on the map. We send a trackpoint every 10 minutes.

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