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Day 12/Dag 12

Day 12/Dag 12

As always, lots happened. Yesterday evening I ran out of credits, but these wonderful people…Damla and Fuad, more friends of Hakan and his extraordinary wife Derya, spent a few hours helping, paying for 21 gb themselves, trysting me to pay later…amazing people!

We spent rhe night in the tent outside Damlas mums cafe. We slept like logs.

“Campeon, campeon” , people shouted at the girls when we climed out of Balikliova and over the mountains to wonderful Ildr. One of the most awesome rides so far of the Eurovelo route 8. This is what it should look like! Little traffic, great nature and scenery, picturesque villages and local people and culture.

We met Suleyman and the two Onurs on the otherside and spent a few hours together filming. It is getting better for each time we met. Great team!

They left me and the girls at six, we knocked off 48 kms and then Dana had her second puncture. We set up camp during the sun setting, a great feelibg if freedom. It was windy throughout the night, a shepherd and his goats passed our camp and…I just got 4 hours of sleep.

But what a wonderful day!

I am recieving dozens of messages and emails from promarely young Turkish families who say the girls inspire them to do the same with their daughters. And ask me how old do they have to be and my best advice.

My best advice is, don’t listen to what other people think. Especially the girls grandparents. Just do it.

Age? On Bicycle? I would say 7. Kids are way more responsible, skikful and stronger than you think. My 2 daughters are strong. If it wasnt for hhe heat we would easily clock 70 km a say.

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