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Opinion: The Name Dropper

I think most of us have met at least one name dropper in our lives. You know that person who even before you have had a chance to shake their hand, have dropped a name of a “famous” person they know or have met. I have to admit I know quite a few name droppers and have come across quite a lot of them all over the world. It is mainly men who have this troublesome and tiring habit, but it does exist among ladies as well. Almost without exception it is quite wealthy people with some sort of low key power position who seem to be affected by this sad habit. And, I think most bothersome of all, is their way to continously talk about themselves and how succesful they think they are. If you happen to end up in their home or office, it will be dominated by photos of themselves together with some famous person and they will plague you with their work throughout their history. It might be books they have written or photos they have taken. And they´re extremely sensitive and free from any humour. They get easily offended.

Me as a name dropper in Alzhir together with a famous Everest climber
Me as a classic name dropper in Alzhir together with a famous Everest climber

Having scribbled down these less positive sides of the name dropper, they can also be of help if you just play the game of pretending to be impressed. They love this. And the generous and helpful side of all name droppers comes alive. But they have always somewhat of a hidden agenda which aims to put themselves in the center in every singel situation so one at the end wonder what all the generosity actually was meant to achieve?


Unfortunately many of the name droppers I have come across sit on positions which might be og great help if you want to do some good work. And most of them have grown up protected by their fathers in one way or the others and have achieved some kind of social status, but they still feel they need to tell everybody about their achievments. Sure, most of us have a little name dropper inside us, but I know afew people who really have achieved things in life and none of them, not one single one of them, are name droppers. Maybe something for the name droppers to think about?

Possibly a name dropper...
Possibly a name dropper…

At the end of the day, the naame dropper  are entertaining and give a good insight into the human psyche. But best to avoid if possible.

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