Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Day 26

Day 26

The day started with three punctures, three sore throats and a feeling of…this will most likely be a demanding day.

We took a rest day yesterday. We needed to recharge both tech batteries and bodies. We made a very good friend, Cansu, another brilliant young Turkish lady with a huge capacity. Same as Eda. We really want to help these two with opportunities to shine. We have realized that life aint easy for young people in Turkey right now. I met many youngsters in Emirbag dharing their life stories.

Road was easy today, so we did 50 km before we needed shade and got invited to shade, great company and a huge meal in a tiny village on route. He like most other people in this region, have relatives who live and work in Belgiun, France or Netherlandswe have been invited to spend the night with Baris and his family in Celtik overnight. They have lived over 20 years in Belgiun. Nice house, nice car and warm people.

All in all, boring scenery but great people and food!

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