Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Day 30

Eva thinks this was one of the hardest days of the entire journey. Three reasons. The heat. The headwind and the rogh roads.

We still did 55 km.

And it was a damn interesting road. We left Kulu early but hit s headwind which forced us dlipstream and do 5-6 kms per hour. We passed through some Kurdish villages, came on to a sandy trach which eventually turned into gravel.

Crossing the saltlake of Lake Tuz was really interesting. We cycled brifly on the salt. In places 30 cm thick. Most of on gravel.

We are slowly getting closer to our final goal on this journey, Nevshehir. 3 days riding away. But we also had a lot of tech problems today. Chains, derailleurs and cameras. We need a day in Sereflilochisar to fix it. These demanding roads are killers of tech.

But a damn great adventure it is. And I love doing this with my extraordinary daughters. Becasue they are. People are stunned when they turn up. They ask age, where we are from and where is the mother. I have tried to explain with google translate, but complicated. So today I just said she was deceased. No more tiring questions.

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