Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Day 28

Day 28

Now listen to yet another great Turkish story!

After a tough 5 days we arrived to Kulu, known for many emigrants to Sweden, Danas chain broke. If it had happen on that tough road back there, it would have been challenging! The heat, the dust and the brutal up and downhills, it is wearing us out physically.

We are all three down and out. Three nights in Kulu. But there is always something which needs to be fixed. This time Danas chain. Cycling is not big in Turkey, howe to find a new chain? I could shorten the old of course. But that means worries and not full rest. When I was contemplating this, it knocked on the door to our hotellroom. I opened up. Two big fellas. They showed me Google translate which said:

We are here to help you. With your bike. We are from the Konya fire department.

I was in shock! Turns our Mustafa Karakus, head of the cycling association had asked me in an email how things are going, just when we arrived. I told him. He sent out a message and an our later this happened! With the two fellas from the firebrigad was a Turk speaking fluent Swedish from Sundbyberg! We all went to a rough workshop where the old owner, quite a character, fixed the chain for free!

People in Turkey are just extraordinary!!! The kindness is just in a league of their own!

Another example. We have had a great 3 men filmteam with us for two days. Engin, Orkun and Adem. They had some trouble finding us in the mountainous outback country we were crossing. Whilst waiting for them, we stopped at a gasstation, whos owner is a split inage if Henrik Lundqvist, the Swedish hockey goalie. He made us comfortable in the heat, cooked food for us and we couldnt even pay for goods we took in his shop!


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