Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Time for Expedition Namibia on a bicycle

The last month has been real demanding!
Getting an Expedition onboard isnt easy. And my travel angst has been worse than ever! I felt things or universe as Hannah calls it have tested me in many ways. And I have worried about if all needed paperwork or officialdom in Africa would create issues. Old memories of the past.
And the worry about the bicycles and all the “needed” gear, costs and how to transport….so…
…it didnt begin on a high!
On route to airport in specially rented taxi a message arrived the flight had been cancelled. Back home, unpack. Wait 24 hours. We managed to get all gear onboard, easier than my fears, got on the plane. 1 and a half hour delay. We missed our Windhoek connection and got rerouted to Addis with Ethiopian. It was almost worth it, because everyone is so much friendlier. And I started to laugh again!
Girls are great! Such troopers!
We landed in Windhoek yesterday. No worries getting in. The officials love the girls and my bad jokes.
Our buddy Caleb was there! Great very chatty fella who is such a great help and who will be working with the team together with Bernd who I havent met yet. Great guys who adore the beer!
Anyway, the bikes were left in Frankfurt. I have a not so good feeling. SAS and Lufthansa are not what they used to be. Promises but no action.
Anyway we are back in Africa!!! Love it!
Now to the airport….

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