Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Expedition Namibia: stormwind hit us

It hit us at 3 a.m, a 11-16 m/s wind from Cape Town. Freezing cold. Impossible to sleep.

I was considering sitting it out but remembered someone told me it could stay for days or weeks. The previous day has been a slog, not getting anything for free -meaning pedaling all the time- on a corrugated but fine desert road. 15 cars had passed us, one stopped to ask if we needed water. But we were carrying 20 liters and where really heavy.

So we decided to give it a try. We could hardly cycle and had to push. 4 km 4 kms, 55 kms to go to a camp at Spitzkoppe. We could not continue. No mobile reception, so I downloaded weather data on my Garmin In Reach. It showed 3-4 days of storms. We put up camp, but it was extremely hot inside the tent. I felt sick. Nauseous, grumbling stomach and a beginning fever. I recognized the beginnings of a heat stroke. Not good. I had to save the trip so I used the Satphone and eventually managed to get help from Leslie at Spitzkoppe Tented Camp who picked us up.

I have been out for two days now, but feeling on route for better. No reception. Girls are fine!

And I want to say how impressed I have been by the way they took care of me and dealt with all like true professionals. They are great when things go wrong and have learned lots over the years.

There is a himba village around camp. The girls are getting to know local teenageers.

  1. We will wait out the storm. 10 degrees.

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