Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Expedition Namibia; Disaster in Spitzkoppe

Disaster struck midday when the metal railings holding a canvas teentroof on top of our tent broke by the wind. Too make a long story short, it broke one tentpole, whose sharpness made a hole in the tent. The campmanager and his folks tried to help us much as they could and eventually me and the girls manage to get control over most of our things. We lost the tent repairkit, some food and more. We are still looking through all our gear.

The campmanager offered us one of the expensive 150 US a night tents until we leave, which we are very thankful for. This could have ended very bad. Eva was struck by one of the railings, but was lucky to get away with just a shock.

Since I am still only 50% recovered I did a lot of yelling at everyone, for which I am sorry. Great people here at Spitzkoppe Tented Camp. Highly recommended!!!

Now we need to recover, repair and see what we lost. The girls are doing great!

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