Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Expedition Namibia: Backlash from the sandstorm

The storm took us out! No doubt about it!

It hit us that memorable night a week ago at 3 a.m. It forced us to ask for help. We ended up in a bush camp under siege, it broke the tent, blew away spares and needed stuff, gave us fever, gut issues and it seemed the storm would never end. It was hard to communicate because of no mobile networks and a very weak intermittent wife at camp.

at 1 a.m the night between Thursday and Friday I took up one of my best friends offer, Jeff at kensington Tours offer, to get transported to either Windhoek or Swakopmund for recharging minds, bodies and do repairs and stockup on good food again. The issue was that the storm had compromised electricity, camp food and we got sick by eating it. And it was standard omelette, chips etcetera that tourists seem to want. It is ok, but it made us sick. So I went into the village and its store. And it is sad to see that folks who are already struggling, the only choices of food on sale is very poor quality, like the whitest of bread, sardines and so on. Just food to survive. Since we were weak, it would not help us. I know that from experience of 3-4 years travelling through Africa. And when feeling like throwing up all the time, that is not the food you want. We needed to rebuild on all levels. And I realized, me and the girls are here to have fun, not suffer. So I wrote to Jeff and accepted his offer.

12 hours later a van rolled in, picked us up and brought into to luxury in SWakopmund.

This is where we are now. I worked all day with logistics, where to return, what we need and how to synchronize the filming with local team. Not easy. The same will apply today. this is normal Expedition! But in a great surrounding and extremely restful.

We had lost lot of weight, well me, 4 kgs, and we are trying to eat as much as possible, but stomachs are amazingly small. We should be on the road tomorrow. Problem is theat Namibia closes down on Sundays. The saga continues!

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