Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Expedition Namibia: The San people (Bushmen)

He looked liked Xi, the Star of The GoDs Must Be Crazy. In fact some of the scenes of this great film was filmed at Omandumba. This San or Bushman were helping a younger man how to exactly do a fire just by using the right twigs.

“Are you not impressed?” I asked the girls who had followed the process closely.

“Yes” , Eva said:”But it takes such a long time.

The answer of the Ipad generation. I had seen it before in Papua New Guinea, but not as…down to earth as here in the San Living Museum.

The San Living Museum was basically created to preserve a piece of yet another unique culture dying at the pressures of modern society. I am happy it exists.

“We change with other San villages in a year and we spend a few weeks here” , our young guide told us. He was 29 but looked younger. “I like it because it shows our culture. We cant hunt or trap anymore, we are just in our villages.”

The fact is that many live a life of unemployment, poverty and have lost most knowledge of their ways. And are often treated as secondary people to others. Same thing that is happening to other indigenoues people worldwide. It is a huge mistake we are doing, behaving like this to the worlds original people.

We spend 2 and half hours walking with Xi and like other indigenous people I have encountered he/they show so much respect, humility and kindness. This is a unique set of values we have lost. Which was easy to see when a German tourbus showed up with 50 middle aged white Germans in similair outfits.

For me this visit was huge. Even though I felt really ill. Girls liked it to and it will hit home later how unique a visit this was.

“Don’t they get tired to perform the same thing all the time?” Dana asked.

“I see no difference from my performing the same thing at lectures year in and year out. It is a job to earn money.”

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