Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Expedition Namibia: The Himba

This is what I remember from my all in all 3-4 tears of Expeditions in Africa. It is continous drama. But always seem to end on a high note. A high note which will grow with the years.

I woke up Dana throwing up in the morning. Followed by Eva. Little sleep. Yesterdays wind drama, well, the last few days winddrama have taken its toll. To cheer them up I wanted to make them cacao. But did then realize that a very vital piece of the stove was gone! Without it stove doesnt work. I talked to the folks here who work in the camp, all Damara basically, and we tried to manufacture a piece. It has been so many times before. This time it didnt work.

I called Bernd my local producer, who is in Germany, he said that stoves I was looking for didnt exist in Namibia. This would endanger the journey!

When trying to sort this about my worries for the girls, three local girls in Dana and Evas age turned up. They wanted to show us around their village, which is basically made up by workers from the the three lodges and their families.so we walked with them through the bush to the village, which hosted two stores, a pub and a restaurant. The girls where send to bording school, but home on vacation.

My girls felt weak do not much was said, so we all set off on foot towars these huge bolders and ended up in a Himba village!

None of the local girls new anyone there, but thought we wanted to see it. A stone age world meets us. A village made for tourists. Our local girls had many questions, my girls were on one side weak, on the other side kind of overwhelmed by it all.

We didnt stay long, because Eva felt unwell. The local girls took my girls back to our tent and I went to buy stuff at the local store. Cookies, chips, pasta, soda, only safe food. It is the restaurant food at camp which has made us quesy. We are not used to the germs.

Everyone is very helpful. I am sitting next to the girls monitoring them sleeping waiting to see how all pans out. Like I have done so many times before.

When we came back the Camp Managers restless sons had found the missing piece in the sand not far from where our tent ripped! Africa!

I am communicating with the Expedition doctor Steen Erik Holm, based in Nuuk Greenland. We sre a few hours from Windhoek the capital. So all under control.

That storm took my local producers roof off! That bad. It was a horrible deadly caracvident due to the storm on a parallell road we cameon.



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