Sofie Rördam

Expedition Namibia: Reaching Kamanjab

Holy smokes! What an incredible adventure the girls and I have had!

Sure, there have been plenty of challenges like the wind, corrugated roads, heat, dust, punctures, tech problems and a lot of cursing and swearing, but in my book, that is how I like my adventures!

Before, I proceed, this has been one of the best times in my life! To live this life with my 10 and 13 year old daughters and see how the grow, deal with it and how their psyche again have taken a huge step ahead, this is the privilege of life! Not once have they had any serious misgivings, moaned or shown that they have had enough. Momentarily, like me, that have been fed up at times, as life in itself always provides, but they have dugged down their heads and moved on.

The best times each day have been morning and evenings. Especially evenings when we sit together, most of the times not saying much since we are tired. But the feeling of being together, experiencing all this wonderful life together, priceless!

Best trip ever!

I have received some comments that we don’t seem to enjoy or are happy. It surprises me. Our job is to tell how we feel at the moment. If it is tough, it is tough. And I have yet to meet any cyclist who is happy chewing dust on a corrugated road having 12 punctures until afterwards, with perspective. Always put any comment, reactions on social media and life happenings in a bigger picture. Simple thing to do.

When we arrived in Kamanjab a couple of hours ago, we had done approx. 800 km of dirt roads. This morning we did 15 km:s and got reminded of the challenges we have faced after 6 wonderful adventurous weeks in Namibia. Headwind and chewing dust. But the road from Khorixas has been one of the best on the trip. And having Bowden turning up on and off, has been a wonderful experience. Love laughing with Bowden. A great friend. I have rediscovered my laughter and jokes. Africa has done it again!

Many cars have stopped, all shocked to see and understand aa 10 and 13 year old chewing the dust. I am really, really proud!

Thanks to everyone who has helped us.

Ah, the trip is not over yet. Tomorrow we go see Miss World.

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