Sofie Rördam

Expedition Namibia: Eating dust on route to Khorixas

I am really proud over the girls!

We have done 135 km over three long days on a very corrugated, dusty, sandy and at times very hot dirt road. Temperatures around 29. Cool nice nights.

I cant remember when I last was this dusty and dirty. I think between Cairns and Alice Springs 1993, when I was red by bulldust most of the times. This dust too penetrates everything, sleeping bags, mattresses, food bags.

Namibian dirt roads are real challenges, the real deal, where you get nothing for free and have to peddle all the time. Hard to cycle faster than 8 km an hour. But the girls are so determinded and have such winners heads they just press on. 10 and 13 years old. Local people are amazed when they see them.

Hardest have been the crazy driving by so many tourists on this route. Two Italian driven cars almost hit the girls. Why this uncontrollable speed? Locals says the Italians are the worst. They have no idea how to drive on the roads.

We have had bike issues. So many punctures. Me. Still have a major to fix. Other cyclists write an ask, why not puncturefree tires like Schwälbe? I looked at them before the trip, but sizes did not have the girls sizes. So I decided, we are a team and we will deal with the same problems. But, I, with all Specialized stuff, have had way more issues. Ok, I am heavy, but still. Useless shit for these roads.

But the three days have been overwhelmingly positive. The moonlite nights, to the girls attitude and overall superb desert scenery. We have had Karl and Cönner with us 2 days filming and Bowden in a backup car. Due to my health and need for strength to film. It is a hit. Bowden open doors everywhere. Great new friend from Zimbabwe!

We have now left Khorixas for two full days of fun at Camp Doros. Somewhere in the desert between coast and Khorixas. Thanks to Kensingtontours and Jeff for this privilage!

Life is good!

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