Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Expedition Namibia: Barry The Giraffe

The last few days since the visit to the San Bushmen at Omandumba has been a roller coaster of amazing experiences!

To see the joy the girls have seeing all the wildlife from Barry the Giraff trying to ride my bicycle to seeing black and white rhinos and the amazing elephants, best of the best. Now the girls dont wanna cycle but only do wildlife safaris!

This was my hope!

We stayed a few days with Georg Engelhard, a die hard farmer, which was very interesting! But cycling through his huge farm was hard on bikes, humans and gave us 7 punctures. And there is more. I just cant find them!

We had a filmteam from Swakopmund a couple of days and then made our way to the next paradise, Mount Etjo Safari Lodge, a great place with a big heart, spending their lives and resources to help the rhino (white) for the future. They are doing a great job and need resources

This is the first day since the storm hit us south of Spitzkoppe that I feel ok. The cycling have felt like a neightmare. Possible bronchitis. That storm almost downed me forever. Not the girls though who have shown their best sides!

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