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How to Get Sponsors, Wisdom from a cyclist

How do I get a sponsor? This question is a sign of the arrival of spring. These questions arrive in my mailbox […]

African Hoofprints, 5 years on horseback through Africa

I have never really understood why great journey´s by horse doesn´t get more global attention than they do. This article below here […]

How important is it to be first and/or unsupported?

My visit to Ireland last week gave me a lot to think about. How does one define who is an explorer versus […]

I made it from the lowest to the highest!

Attitude is really everything. And ever since we started talking over email, Kyle Henning and me, I have liked his attitude to […]

Thermal underwear, wool or high tech yarns?

Question: “I noticed you are sponsored by Termo. My question is, what is best according to you, wool or high tech yarns?” […]

Bowling first and only Oz woman to row an ocean

Since I originate from an area far from the ocean I have never really been into sailing the oceans, but can understand […]

In Senegal with a stroller; Karolina Jeppson

“What will you do now, when you have a child, does this end of travelling for you?” is one of the most […]

Voices of Exploration – Robin Hanbury-Tenison

Voices of Exploration – An ever-expanding database of exclusive monthly interviews with the world’s leading explorers. Regardless of where we were born, […]

Arita Baaijens, ‘He’s gone, the Pharao is gone!”

After the revolution  – Sunday 20 feb 2011, Cairo by Arita Baaijens ‘He’s gone, the Pharao is gone,’ I shouted when I […]

A bunch of notes; A new Expedition coming up, finally……

I have just returned from an excruciating training session. 25 kg:s on my back, pushing Eva in front of me in a stroller,through […]

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