Hannah Pierce-Carlson

The Pyrenees: Love and drama in one

This is how it all started!

After a two hour drive from Toulouse, I turned yet another corner in the rental car, a few beautiful stone houses turned up in front of me, snow capped peaks in the background and suddenly I saw her! The woman I love, sitting on a bench looking exactly like the first photo!

Instant love, heart thumping!


Two days later I was more exhausted than ever, fearing I had been experiencing a small stroke or a brain clot!

Let me take it from the beginning. So Hannah and her two lovely kids, Eli and Loulynne, had found a house to house sit in a small tiny village in the French Pyrenees. They do this often. A way to show the world to her kids, who are home schooled. It is called worldschooling and its a great idea. No schedules, or early mornings affecting sleep and temper and concentrating on subjects which interest the pupil. But is a kind of all day learning. Little rest. Impressive for sure. Hannah takes her kids on educational trips. This time for example castles, french history and so on. And the outdoors is always an important factor. Hence the pyreenies. The house sitting this time included looking after 7 cats.

When I left Sweden I was overworked, over trained and had left the girls with their mother. Once I met Hannah I realized she was as exhausted. Being a full time mum and teacher, having lost the supplied car to an mechanical problem, isolated in a rainy and cold hamlet in the middle of nowhere takes its toll. On top of that sibling quartels and the energetic ways of a 5 year old. So I wanted to be the perfect knight on a white horse. A life long problem for me. Help her with everything, run in the Pyreenies, the best lover and on top of that after two very active days, invite her too the local in for a high level dinner date. She needed it!

First thing we did after chatting overwhelmingly friendly with the Belgian owner(me the perfect guy!) was to have a beer. I was incredibly thirsty after a 12 km hard mountain run, so it went down in a few seconds. Suddenly it was like I was gobsmacked, I lost 90% of my feeling on the right side of my body, could not lift my arm or use the fingers. A horrible feeling. Wasnt this the first signs of a sudden death? I dont wanna die now! I thought.

Hannah was both concerned and unhappy. What kind of a dinner date is this???? I slogged through it even though I dont remember what I ate. Definitely nothing of quality.

I was scared when I went to bed. Not a minute of sleep. But I wasnt getting worse. I stayed home next day when Hannah and her kids went exploring and I realized it was all stress. Nothing else. My digital tools (Oura, Garmin) showed no issues with my heart rate. Calm and good, normal resting pulse of 41. Just stress. Yet another lesson learned!

Dont try to be perfect. Hannah didnt ask for it. I have had this problem since I was a kid. Trying to do my best all the time. Be perfect. I fail every day.

It started great and ended great. Great kids, Hannahs love is anazing and she isa great, great mother. Hard work!

The team will join me and the girls in Malmö soon. In the mean time I will try not to overwork and overtrain, but still get everything done. Without trying to be perfect!

Thanks Hannah for setting this adventure up. The Pyrenees were really good!

And it seems we are a couple now for sure! She has asked me to put the toilet seat down, brush my teeth and take out the rubbish.


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