Cinderella night at Travellers Club

“It´s Cinderella time!” I told Pamela, “A great friend of mine, Gunnar Andersson, who is Austria’s honorary consul in Stockholm, has invited us for the 100th Anniversary. Get ready!”

I was happy to see that my wife enjoyed the possibility. So, a week of hunting for a gown, shoes and so on, started.  And yesterday, we went to the ball. It was the Swedish version of Travellers Club. It was their 100th Anniversary at Grand Hotel. Pretty much 300 guests turned up in white tie and ball gowns, most of them had reached a very humble, but considerable age. From all walks of life. Most men very well decorated with medals as far as North Korea and many foreign guest attended. Ambassadors.Travelers and Norwegians. It was a three course meal with good wine and aperitifs and interesting table neighbors. And my wife was the most beautiful woman of them all! When the Swedish version of Pavarotti, Raymond Björling, imitated the grand tenor, I looked at my wife, shivered and I realized I am probably the most fortunate man on earth!

Half way into the dessert, my friend Nima Sarvestani, who was looking after Eva together with his wife, Maryam, send a text on my mobile:

“Eva is crying and crying. She has drunk all the milk you left, can Pamela come?”

Pamela rushed off as a rocket and…almost lost her shoe, just like Cinderella! Well, hopefully that is the sign that the prince is already found….Anyway, she told me to stay since our great friend Gunnar had put so much effort getting us there. However, the party kind of died when Pamela left, so I cruised around socializing. Thinking about Eva.

“Mikael” , somebody asked me when we were socializing in a break, “Do you feel any affinity with the people who started this club? Real explorers?”

“If I had been born in those days, I wouldn´t even have been invited to this anniversary” , I answered; “Because people of my background wouldn´t have been explorers.”

And, every time I wish I had been born in a time where you really had to figure out your way, in the days before maps where drawn, I realize I am so fortunate, no matter what, to be born in this time. I wouldn´t even have made it out of my village back than! I really enjoy these occasions. Great people, great experiences and amazing life stories. And when Pamela afterwards said:

“I know what to aim for in life now!”

I knew I had done something right. I am Mr Fortunate to have such a partner of life!

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