Maria i malmö

A bunch of notes; A new Expedition coming up, finally……

I have just returned from an excruciating training session. 25 kg:s on my back, pushing Eva in front of me in a stroller,through a terribly windy Malmö and I just feel totally void of any motivation. It is far too heavy for me! And I wonder:

“How in earth am I going to make this?!

It is one of those days I ask myself, why have I chosen this life? Well, partly because it is the only one a know and it is the only thing I know how to do well, full of passion and life!

Anyhow, I have started the preparations for a short Expedition involving heat, sand, hunger, thirst and extremely long days by foot, carrying far too heavy a pack. At least 35 kg:s for at least 3 weeks. So, just to give some of you readers who never have done an Expedition, I thought I´d publish these notes a put together on a train ride last week. They´re uncut, raw. They´re notes what has to be done! 26 of them (including humor):

  1. Who can help us out with Eva during this time? My great inlaws?
  2. Sponsors, who can chuck in 10 000 euro in this little journey? Maybe Jamal Mubarak?
  3. Permits? Is a special film permit needed for the documentary?
  4. What kind of kit is needed?
  5. My compass, is it calibrated for the northern or southern hemisphere?
  6. Maps? I need at least 1:250 000 in scale to be on the safe side. Or maybe sandpaper will do this time?
  7. My well used Scarpa boots, will they do this time as well?
  8. Any new tech on the market since I last did an Expedition back in 2004-05? Like Camelbak maybe?
  9. Do I dare to bring a silent gas stove instead of my noisy XGK II?
  10. Which tent to bring…..the VE 25 is too heavy! Need to find a lighter one….
  11. How do I treat dirty water, which filter? the MSR or Katadyn? And how do I transport 30 liters of it?
  12. Do i have enough time to study the camels? And train them?
  13. Can I get away with not using a local guide which i need according to the authorities?
  14. Sunglasses? Julbo seems to be the best on the market right now.
  15. Termo underwear? Which hea cover? Tuareg style?
  16. What if I get tooth ache again, I have to visit the dentist before setting off.
  17. Which medicine do I bring? Do I need to bring snake serum?
  18. Big or small still camera? Or both?
  19. Which video camera? Will a add on to the still one do?
  20. Am i really fit enough to do this? is training every other day enough?
  21. Is my Arabic good enough? Alhamdulillahi it will be.
  22. Check every item of the equipment before I set off, CAREFULLY. We don´t want to do all the mistakes I did in Siberia!
  23. Will Johan join me? I hope so!
  24. By the way, who is the president of Chad?
  25. Talk to Al Arabiya. They´re just growing.
  26. How in earth am going to be able to stay away from Eva for more than a day? Maybe I can fit into one of the side pockets of the rucksack….that means another 9 kg:s…plus diapers, baby food and her personal gear plus hear teddy bear and icelandic puffin bird.

The Arabian Expedition? Still on hold. Half the funds are there, but not the time to be away from Eva….

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