Notes from a tour leader, part 2; Machu Picchu

Just came back from a tour to one of the seven modern wonders of the world – Machu Picchu. It is an hour from midnight and I have spent the last three hours with one of the great clients I have, who have somehow pulled a muscle in his butt. A doctor just arrived and gave him an injection, so he can travel the long way to Lake Titicaca and Puno tomorrow. Earlier I spent two hours with him at a masseuse. It has been an amazing trip!

But, I have only slept three hours per night!

————Actually, I was so tired, so I fell a sleep writing this, which means, three more days, we have gone from Cusco to Puno to Lima, where I am sitting at the hotel waiting to finish the trip with a half day tour of the town which Fransisco Pizarro made the capital of Peru, Lima.——-

There´s so many details, except supplying the group with as much interesting stories as possible and details of everything, but you have to tend to everyone in the group with lots of care, attention and love, plus settle the wake up calls, see to that all the luggage get  picked up and moved to the rooms, see to that you as a tour guide looks neat and clean, always in a good mood, no matter how tired, well, it does work.! But it would be so much harder, without the help of the local guides.the ones in South America is the best in the world. One ends up with quite a few new good friends! They´re knowledgeable, funny, helpful and kind. And you learn so much from them yourself!

Well, this trip has been really great, and this is due to the clients and the local guides. Of course, Peruvians and Ecuadorians are really great in every way as a people as well. Best of all was Metropolitans great Faride Altamirano which made our trip a dream!

Aah, as regards to the negative sides of travelling the world, passing through Schiphol in Amsterdam is a really bad experience. The border police there, is becoming as unfriendly and arrogant as the Americans in the US, which by ease are the unfriendliest on earth. These two countries must have misunderstood the meaning of officers being employed by the people.

Naw, better you watch the videos and see the photos here!


  1. I agree in details with your comment as regards to Schiphol Airport. They´re really hostile and unfriendly. I wonder why? It is the only airport in Europe where this behavior exists. Maybe they´re pushed by the Americans?

    Thanks for bringing this fact into light.

    Dwight – a world traveller

  2. I have received a bunch of emails as regards to the airport in Amsterdam, Schiphol, and how unfriendly and hostile they are. And as regards to their liason with the Yanks, well, when they saw my Yemen stamps, they became even more hostile and unfriendly, questioned me, took photo copies of my ticket, my passport and behaved Nazi like. What in earth is happening to this world? How un-educated can one be? It is getting really scary! M

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