Explorer Mikael Strandberg

We don´t get much help

We met a lot of great personalities at the pub. And what I realize is of course that there´s hardly any mixing as such as regards to the older white generation who has been here since the war and the newly arrived immigrants. Well, except with the West Indian community, which everyone I spoke to had a lot of respect for.

“They came to work and have done so.”

Today we visited the West Indian community and met a really, really great fella, C.B, who gave a great perspective on the community and what they´re facing today. Not surprisingly, like all the others we have talked to, they had little faith in the government on all levels.

“All they do is talk and there´s so little they have to do and add economically, to make a difference. But they don´t care.”

We strolled around Mosside most of the day, trying to catch atmosphere plus and document family everyday-things. And we went to the local dentist, who in 5 minutes, managed to do a full check up and do a filling, for 55 pounds. Amazing I say and I am beginning to understand those reviews on the Internet saying:

“You are better of not going to this one. I needed to redo my teeth afterwards.”

At least the kids didn´t get bored waiting. There´s definitely some hesitation to us filming, but not as bad as I thought. If you explain properly, most times there´s no problems. Especially if you mention the fact we are doing a positive film about Mosside. Which is not all easy, since most people feel left on the edge. But once you get to know people, the positive sides of Mosside comes out, like sticking together and helping each other.

We also went to the local store and paid for more gas plus asked if we could buy some camels milk. See the clip below!

In the evening we once again went to the pub and had some local bitter from Jacob Holt! Misha is doing a great job, the only thing, we need to get closer during interviews. Wind is also picking up.

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