Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Still no visa……I am getting so fed up with living in this unknown area of life……

Less than two months to go…..I have absolutely nothing in order. I cannot do anything until i have the permits to enter the Russian federation and Yakutia. Why in earth does it take such a long time? Maybe I should have gone through Dmitry Shparo?

So many questions….I am preparing physically, so i am really tired for that, 5 hard sessions a week, eating to fatten up, like 6 cl of olive oil per day…but I cannot start reading, getting the needed gear…so i am just waiting and waiting and it interfereswith my other life. the editing of my Yemeni film and family life…..


How in earth am I going to get everything together in such a short while? I have Jegor, Bolot and Jura of course, but will it be enough? I have a feeling I will suffer a lot on this trip!

If it happens……Bolot says we should know by Monday……I, or the whole family want this to happen!

It seems like I am spending all my life waiting!

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