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The joy of pulling tires is back!

I pulled a pulk 1500 km through Siberia 25 years ago. I did another week in Greenland 2018. So I have done some pulling in my days. Before the Siberian journey I did some tire pulling. But I was less fit back then compared to now. But still stronger of course. Back then.
Today, with the permission of Malmö Stad I went to lovely Sibbarp and did my first workout with tires. It took me 1½ hour to assemble the set up properly. People looked weirdly at me. Why would anyone cut up their tires like that?
Once assembled I set out with two tires. Stayed on the grass which gave really good resistance. I did some asphalt, a bit less resistance. And gravel plus trails, very little resitance. So I choose grass. Based on my previous pulling, I would say the resitance of two tires equals 70 kg:s. So I will add another tire next time. I did 4 km average speed. Good if that can be done on the Greenlandic ice cap!
It felt very good, rewarding and look forward to the next session. An hour is way to little. I would say at least three hours per session initially. 6 hours before it is time to hit the ice!
Siberian film (english subtitles) https://vimeo.com/451752697
A clip from the pulling on the Greenland trip https://youtu.be/78cn2j8OQQM
My athlete portfolio at Strava https://www.strava.com/athletes/23404606
Borge Ousland on the art of pulling tires https://www.ousland.no/the-fine-art-of-pulling-rubber-tyres/

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