Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Stressssss and angst!


-7 C (19.4 F)

Yakutsk -44 C (-47.2 F)

Verkhoyansk -48 C (-54.4 F)

What is easy to forget for people not involved in Expeditions, is all the stressful work before setting off, sorting out the normal day, like preparing papers for the tax man, finding someone of your friends willing to check post every month and pay bills, pay all bills, like the day care, electricity, rent and so on, NOT forgetting anything. Which is easy to do and often happens, which means when you get back, you have built up debts for a few hundred dollars. I hope it won´t happen this time.

On top of that, it is getting all the high tech kit to work,which I haven´t yet. See that everyone in Siberia has been paid, which means running to the bank and checking if it has happened….oh yes,I am feeling travel angst and can´t hardly sleep at all!None of us can!


Almost all kit have arrived, but not the suitcases/bags where we can back all of this gear so we know what we have. And than we have to figure out how to get it all to Copenhagen, get things stamped there and set off! The kit that has arrived is this time in top shape. But so much! Mountain Hardwear´s kit looks superb. It will be interesting to see if it will take the cold!


Emergency things still not done….Well, the suitcases where we are supposed to transport all the gear hasn´t arrived, so the ladies are as me, under stress. I still haven´t done all speakers for the Yemen documentary. The website at OutWild is still not up. We are behind in everything. And I am sitting a few hours with a very busy Tom at ExWeb trying to get all laptops to work and send off dispatches. But finding a place in Malmö where the Thuraya works with no problem, almost impossible.


I just talked to Yakutsk and they´re very busy. Yura wants to know all about the camera kit, wanted a lap mike, but that is too late. And he said he was working for a French film company in Decemebr4 with GoPro´s who worked for….15 minutes….in the cold…we have 2….Egor wanted a sticker commemorating this expedition, which doesn´t exist and Bolot…he wanted nothing!


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