Expedition nerves; Why? Why? Why?


We are still packing though the plane is due to leave in 12 hours. It has been a very hectic day. No sleep, so up early, start packing, than out to try the sat phone, a voice call to ExWeb, than back to the flat to go through the whole camera kit and whilst I am ticking off item by item, I realize only half the kit is on the ATA Carnet! Let me just say, if I would have been a proud owner of a liter of vodka there, I would have finished it in one move! I phoned the cargo company, I talked to Evans in the US and we realized something had gone wrong during the way….so I now I am just waiting to see how we are going to figure this out.


Pam is trying to fit all the kids clothes and her own into those two giant bags I have and she also want to do laundry and clean the house at the same time, so she is as tired as the rest of us.Eva is sleeping. But it would have been so much harder without the help of Kristina and her boyfriend Mikael who is looking after Scar, which is easy,and Eva when she is awake.


My question is; Why is it like this every time, that in the final second, a slight disaster turns up? I guess it is part of my life drama. It is just the way it is. thank God, Pam and the kids are so much more relaxed than me, the old geezer!

I really hope this is my final report, before I go public for everyone to read! We will know in 14 hours from no!

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