Explorer Mikael Strandberg

3 weeks to go.

3 weeks to go. Two productions keeping me focused, awake, daydreaming and happy. It is always the same angstridden time ahead of every Expedition. Or big project. Travel angst gets worse by the day. The time testing and finding the right equipment less. Time to meet friends non-existant. Training gets reduced, because priorities are different. This weekend, however, I managed to meet a good friend, do the training and get the needed testing done!
The girls and I cycled back and forth to the beech forest in Torup. I had bought an extension arm for the GoPros on the girls handlebars. I had new sound equipment from Röde. And I had finally found a handlebar bag which would fit my Sony z-90.
The Toy Story specialist, buddy and doc editor Phil turned up o his Hungarian piece. Great weather, superb scenery, ice cream and some headwind, we all came back smiling.
Another piece of the puzzle have been solved.
See short clip of the performance of the extension arm, GoPro´s and DJI Pocket 2:s https://vimeo.com/553859059

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