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There´s no doubt in my case that it was books which made me choose this odd life and I really need to be surrounded by books to feel really content with life. For this reason I have written two articles about books I recommend:

1. 10 best books about adventure and travel to read over Christmas

2. 5 most complete travel books ever

Lately I have been given a lot of opportunities to review other people´s books and I have said no, because the books were just not interesting enough. I don´t want to waste my time reading nonsense. However, this last month I have received two really good books, so I have decided to do just that, starting as of August 2011 to review interesting and challenging books.  (So, please, if you have a book you want reviewed, please send it to me.)


An Insight Into The Epic Struggles And Triumphs Which Are Modern Polar Exploration

By Alex Hibbert

(Tricorn Books)


This is the best contemporary book about modern exploration that I have read in years! What a revelation! Yes,I could go on for ever in positive acclaim about this book written by a young British polar explorer, Alex Hibbert, who´s maturity is far beyond his years (27 years old). I did not expect an honest, thrilling and down to earth book like this from such a young British explorer. Even though I have followed Alex and his journeys to the north over the last years, lack of time has hindered me getting deeper into his writings and thoughts. I regret that a lot at this moment, because he has regained my trust and confidence in British exploration. Since I am an anglophile, I have read an uncountable amount of books over the years written by young (and old) Brits claiming the most amazing firsts and tales of the most extra ordinary heroics. A truth which has given the Brits not the best of reputation outside Britain. A lot of these claims are taken with a grasp of salt by the non-British community. Alex have restored a lot of this damage with his honest, truthful, thrilling and down to earth book.

Alex brings up a lot of sensitive subjects I have tried to highlight on my site throughout the years. Like him, I want to inform people at times, that the reality might not be what it looks like. For example, Alex brings up issues like why he left both The Explorers Club and The Royal Geographical Society. An issue which have been written about on this page a few times. He writes about people doing the last degree, e.g sking the last degree at the North and South Pole, 10 days led by professionals, them having joined the lecture circuit, claiming fame for nothing. (One reason I lately have considered leaving the clubs as well, was when I saw that an American lady being invited and interviewed by the Explorers Club in New York after claiming she was the first American woman to do Everest and the two Poles in a certain time. A lecture series dominated by astronauts who have made such a difference. She has just, yes, just skied the last degree and been part of a commercial Everest climb. In the professional world this hardly counts as worth mentioning.) He brings up the extra ordinary fact that there´s so many explorers, who are great selling what they do, but spend no time exploring, just making money. He also touches on the polar history, but most of all he brings the reader into date what is happening in the world of the professional explorer.

Anyone contemplating either the life as a professional explorer or polar exploration, this is THE book to read. Alex is very meticulous and a perfectionist, so he has touched every detail of this life and polar travel. Everything from sponsorship, insurances, lectures and at the end, how to travel, he adds details which might make a difference to survival and he uses his own journey´s as a background. A very honest, thrilling, a page turner and by far the best contemporary book on modern exploration. Well done Alex, you have created a classic of its time!

My only concern is when he says he loathes football which is almost a heresy…..that would make it impossible for the two of us ever to travel together! 😉

This is the book about exploration to be read at this time!


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