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200 000 passed on You Tube Extreme Cold Clip

Back in 2012 I had this extra ordinary opportunity to return to Siberia, Yakutia and Yakutsk. I met some of the nicest human being I have ever come across and we all did this little film together, one could see it as a pilot for the upcoming Frozen Frontier Expedition and it was a journey with no pressure set up by my great friend Egor Petrovich Makarov.

It just passed 200 000 views on You Tube and have received quite of likes and dislikes and many comments and I´d like to share it again. I am so priviliged to have been able to get a few moments together with these fantastic people in my life.

I wrote four article during that visit and if you have time to kill, do read them here:

4. Returning To Siberia, The Last free Man, episode 4

3. Returning To Siberia, The Last Free Man, episode 3

2. Returning To Siberia, The Last Free Man, episode 2

1. Returning To Siberia, The Last Free Man, episode 1

Photos from the journey here at:


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