Frozen Frontier: Travelling On Ice

Travelling on ice was always fraught with worries during the journey to film Frozen Frontier. Almost every one of the Eveny herders had stories of some friend or family who had gone through, voluntarily or involuntarily through the ice and died. Tolyas brother with through with his snowmobile. We wnet through once, travelling down a mountain stream, but Vika just managed to avoid going through. Luckily it was neither deep or any extreme temperatures, just around -25 degrees C. The closest I came to an accident was running in the fur clothes and with all the greatest things said about my furboots, on ice, these tundra one´s, were slippery and once I did a real over the head journey and took a good beating, but not telling anyone. We did a lot of fast running, avoiding going through and ending up in the fast running currents underneath. But due to great orienteering and experience, Slava and his teamlead us through with no problems. The documentary from this epic journey, winner of the Golden Goggles, can be seen at the Siła Marzeń – Festiwal Przygody (Adventure festival) in Warsaw 26th of May 18.20-19.35 . If you want to read the blog reports from the adventure, see

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