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Are you a biophiliac?

Are you a biophiliac? Most likely. I am for sure!
The family and me, we have been out in the nature almost every day for since the girls reached their end of term. It is a life saver. We are different people, before and after the time outdoors. Before, we are all heavy with the needs of modern society. Less happy, less smiley and have less positive perspective on life. Afterwards, we are laughing, smiling, a tight group, content with vivid future ideas. The outdoors is vital for our health!
Yesterday we went to one of my favorite National parks in the state of Skåne. Stenshuvuds Nationalpark to do a night walk with the girls. Dana is still a bit scared for the darkness. Eva not at all. Me a bit. Pam not at all. To give them a perspective how safe the darkness is. We walked about two hours and at the end we used our Iphones to find the route. Otherwise we could without difficulty find our way. We heard cranes, an owl, forest pigeons, a barking deer and saw the lights of the city when we climbed the highest hill. No other people of course. Those two hours were not only recharging all batteries. But added perspective on how the girls view life. Maintaining their wonder and excitement of life.
I have been reading this interesting book lately by Clemens G Arvey. As part of my research into longevity, health, aging and the oputdoors. It is a book about connecting with nature. That it is in our genes, as biophiliacs, to enjoy nature. But the interesting part of the book is that this Austian born scientist uses science to prove this. According to him, for example, forest air is a rich biomedical mixture of substances. That we can inhale or absorb through our skin. And that plants release volatile compounds called terpenes. Which significantly increase our immune functioning.
So, heading out into nature, does a better job than training right. TAnd having the right diet. Yes! But I am sure a combination does an even better job! Plus being with your family. Or friends.
The book is The Biophilia Effect, A Scientific and Spiritual Exploration of the Healing Bond Between Humans and Nature

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