Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Southern India: What A Gem!

I have just returned home from a week´s very busy tour and work in Southern India. And I will write a few articles on this great piece of our world, but to quote myself after the first two days:

Southern India…..I don´t know what I expected, but definitely not this…I have to say, I have been here now three days doing a job and enjoying life to its fullest…..and I have come across some of the nicest, most laid back and kindest people I have ever met. Whoever plans to go to India for the first time, DO start with this part of this amazing country. It differs a lot in comparison with the busy north. I so regret never going here in the days when I spent so much time in India. It wouldn´t have taken almost 20 years to return in this case!

I have set up two sites to view photos from this area, one professional and the other more general.

I have to say, this has indeed been one of the best journey´s I have done together with one f my very best friends, Jeff. Our company, as usual, was delightful, spirited and great fun. It has been a long tme since I have laughed this much! And we have worked hard to get a good little pilot for a film together.

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