Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Greenland expedition On Skis: Dispatch 1

I just arrived to the small village of Ilimanaq. What a wonderful tiny little village overlooking Disko Bay full of icebergs. It didnt initially see a soul, but It felt great once again arriving from the outside and no oneknowing you were coming.

Eventually a lady turned up and told me everything was closed until Monday. I needed toilet paper and petrol. I dont mind staying a day here.

I left basecamp at 3.30 p.m yesterday but arrived here at 4 p.m today. 37 km, but I have been going to hard and fast. 80 km uphill takes power. Yesterday offered stunning and sunny winter weather, around -10 C, but I woke up with clouds and 4 C. So I have lost a lot of liquid today, but othrwise it is utterly great to be back on route, in a tent and pulling a Fjellpulken. I lost a skin going downhills, otherwise routines sit perfectly and it is like I havent been away for more than a day.

Just wonderful and this srrounding must be with the best on earth. I miss my daughters badly though.

Date 12th of May 2018
69.0785N, 51.1092W

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