Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Greenland Expedition on Skis: Still haven´t left

I am still at base camp, for two reasons, first, the wrong ammo. I bought .222, but it turns out when tested, it was wrong. Thank God I took another day to test it. Not a good thing to happen if you do meet a curious polar bear…secondly, my Iridium Go haven´t been activated yet…amazing, this tech thing….but such is life.

The reason I wanna get away a.s.a.p is the weather. I worry about the ice getting thinner and the snow disappearing.

I have a feeling it will be a journey of great beauty, but a complete ruin to my equipment and extremely hard work, me thinning out to nothing. It would say the weight is around 80 kg, so less then half what I pulled in Siberia back in the days….

Lets hope my next dispatch is on route!!!

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