Looking Back: Back In Yakutia 2012

2012. -48 degrees C. After finishing the Yemen Expedition, the family returns back home briefly and then we had off to the Repuplique of Sakha and Yakutia, for a weeks fantastisc experience. The first days a workshop on travel and enjoying Yakutsk, whilst Pam was pregnant with Dana. Read more here at https://www.mikaelstrandberg.com/2012/03/23/returning-to-siberia-bolot-yakutsk-and-a-lecture-turned-into-a-work-shop-on-tourism/

-55. On route on the Road Of Bones to Omyakon, ready to set off on a few days by reindeer and sledge with Egor, Yura, Bolot and two Eveny herders Misha and Kesha. We spent the first night in a balagan, an extremely nice evening, like a dream. During the day we collected the best reindeer for pulling and again, like a dream. Read more at https://www.mikaelstrandberg.com/2012/03/26/oymyakon/

Siberia. -50 C. Travelling thru the taiga by reindeer. “Why do you have your little backpack on?” Misja, one of the two brothers who we traveled with through the taiga, ask me and I answered: “I am a little bit cold. It warms my back.” Misja smiled and said: “Siberia is very cold, ey?” I nodded. It is very cold. I was jumping up and down, trying to feel my feet, which were frozen up and I didn´t feel them. Misja and his brother Kesja were getting all of the 25 reindeer’s ready, a job they did amazingly well, Bolot and my were kind of standing around waiting to leave, but we two hadn´t really assimilated into the taiga life of the coldest inhabited place on earth – Oymyakon. We wanted to get going, but for the two Even brothers, it wasn´t any rush. One has to do one thing at a time in the taiga, when temperatures are below -50, do it slowly and than have a break in some kind of warmer environment.

Read more at https://www.mikaelstrandberg.com/2012/03/30/returning-to-siberia-part-3-travelling-with-reindeer/

2012. The pilot work for the upcoming drama Frozen Frontier with OutwildTv. I was colder than ever and I realized four things, 1, Yura Bereshnev is a fantastic photographer, 2, this area and travelling with reindeer is fantastic, 3, my clothes are inadekvate in this extreme cold and 4, local people are the best. One of the highlights on this short trip was the people and getting new friends, like Egor Makarov, who is a fantastic entrepeneur and photographer at the same time. Read more here at https://www.mikaelstrandberg.com/2012/03/30/returning-to-siberia-part-3-travelling-with-reindeer/

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