Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Outdoor kids: Stenshuvud National Park

What a wonderfully surprising day at Stenshuvuds Nationalpark! We had to set off without Dana, who went to her best friends birthday party at leos Lekland, this was a drag, because Dana is interested in pretty much everything we see outdoors right now. But Eva, Pam and me set off in the rain, drove through a rolling landscape which we enjoyed a lot and passed thru Kivik, such a picturesque village and ended up at one of the entrances to the park. Drizzling, gray weather, no other people. Indeed the best time for a visit. What a wonderful mixed park and such a varied biotop area. We set off through a short distance of a forest with an impressive canopy, beech and oak, passed through farmland, climbed the boulder (hill) which has given the park the name (I suppose) and the heaths and meadows brought us to the sandy beach. In hardly anytime or distance, we did no more than 5 Km:s to cover all this. We came back at dusk and as usual this is always the best time for wildlife spotting, we saw two deer, a hawk, plenty of geese and ducks and heared the magnificient catowl looking for company. A brilliant day and I just wonder, where is everyone? All this fantastic nature, such a balsam for your soul, and you lot out there, what do you do with life? Don’t you get it, we are just here once folks and it could all end tomorrow!

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