Kidz In Nature: Söderåsens National Park

Söderåsens Nationalpark. A stone´s throw from the dual cities of Malmö and Copenhagen. A breath of freedom and fresh air. Another day of filming and trying to figure out how to best do a series about kids in the wilderness. I am working the idea on Adobe Rush, see if it works. A teaser, but I have realized as with everything, preparations have to be extreme. And weather not too cold. A director and photographer are needed. And some additions visually is needed, making kids even more interested! On top of that, the girls and me need to get out there at least once a week. And Söderåsens Nationalpark is perfect after midday for filming, when city crowds have returned home. They walk like they have a time to keep. And thus miss the peace of the forest, the sound of a stream and chirping birds saying spring is on its way. (I hope). This day I had help from one of my best friends! 

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