Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Kids Outdoors: Visiting Stenshuvuds National Park (again)

Stenshuvuds Nationalpark. It has become a favorite for me and the girls. No people, windy, fresh air and a superb variety of nature in a small area. Heaths, meadows, rocky outcrops. And a great stretch of sandy beach which takes your mind to…the West Indies! It is an hour and a bit more driving from Malmö. But this is part of the journey of enjoyment for the girls. They love listening to music, very loud, and sing and rock. So the trip is superb. Especially the one through the countryside with its rolling hills and big farms, . Österlen is awesome and a bucketlist item for any visitor. The most powerful feeling though is the lack of people, no stress. Well, I don´t feel Malmö is a busy city, but once you are out in the nationalpark, you realize it is. And the highlight is sitting down, taking out the stove and start cooking fresh pasta for the girls. That is when you relaxe and shake off the city. I have to say, I find it extraordinary, that there´s so few visitors. What do people do in the weekends in this one of the most populated areas of Sweden? The girls start playing and there´s no end to their games and choices. Filming is still in the starting face, the idea is still finding ground, but we are getting there. We need a bit better weather. These are long days, our outdoor and filming days. i get up at 5 and get all the stuff ready, then feed the girls, off to the dance class and then we head for the park. Today we came back before the final in Melodislagerfestivalen, so I had to do the pizza in a haste. But tasted good and the right artist won!

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