Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Kids Outdoors: Raftarp again

We have been with friends in the forest all weekend. Trying out all the tents. The girls have been sleeping in the teepee (Tentipi), they loved it. And I realized how much I miss it from having spent so much extraordinary time in it in Siberia. Time for the girls to start using sawes, axes and knifes. They are getting mature enough to do that. It is such an enjoyment to see that such basic and simple survival tools can be such a joy in the hand of the kids. It was the best of weekends. Great weather, the birds singing, ducks and geese trumpeting and wild boars howling. And the birch singing away in the fire. and this feeling of….freedom and simplicity. It is growing by the day again. Kensington 2 (the XC60 named after my buddy Jeffs company) have changed our life recently. As kensington the Camel did in Yemen. The mornings, late eveinings and nights with the smell, sounds and space…life for sure!

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