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Lessons learned: 1½ year of hauling tyres.

Lessons learned: 1½ year of hauling tyres.
There´s a little group of people, who constanty asks me about my training development.
I started regularly training in Qasigiannguit 2017. With the North Pole in mind. And for ultra running. It couldn´t have been a better environment. Except for the food. Food makes a huge difference, I have learned. Malmö, of course, is a superb place not being a big meat eater! One of the main vegan places in the world I would say.
2½ years ago I started the Expedition diet. It has made wonders. Weight has gone up and down, because I find it hard to be strict all the time.
A Greenland crossing was needed to gain experience for the North Pole. It will soon happen I hope. I have prepared for the crossing for 2 years now. And for the North Pole, and an icecap crossing, hauling tyres is of great help.
I have been on it for a year and a half now. I train 6 out of a 9 day week. I don´t do the same kind of training for two days. When I do, I get injured somehow. SO a great mix with training and food seems to be the answer.
But after intial feelings of boredom, I have now come to love the hauling of tyres. I am out there for 2-3 hours twice a week. In every weather. It is kind of a meditative movement. And it gives me much time to think about pretty much everything. And it is certainly needed for all those long hours waiting on the ice. Extremely important for both the physical and mental preparation.

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