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2019…I am so happy it is over!
It´s not that it was a tough year. It wasn´t. Probably one of the best in my long life! No, I love the idea of somehow starting from scratch. A new beginning. A new challenge! I think it is part of the explorer love, the restlessness. Something new, challenging, exciting, unknown to me.
2019 started with a bang in Warsaw and something very new! The arrival of Kensington 2, my Volvo XC 60. A thing. I know. But it very much changed the life of the world the girls and me live in. Suddenly we could leave the noisy city for the National parks of Skåne. We started to film new ideas. We got fresh air. Made fires! Wonderful!
The year has professionally been dominated by the will of finishing the film Man With A Family. Our year in Greenland. It is finished now. And it was demanding. As usual. But it would not have happened without the fantastic people I have the honor to work with. New projects have started. As always.
Again I have been privilige to travel to the most fantastic of places. Seychelles, Warsaw, Murmansk, Barbados, St Kitts, Sardinia, St Bartolomew, Kangerlussuaq, The Greenland Icecap. And the family climbed the highest peak of Sweden. Kebnekaise.
On the personal side. The girls. The best daughters in the world. It has been a lot of travelling there too! Taking the girls to football training. I have really enjoyed the fact that they both play football for FC Rosengård. It takes a lot of time and money, but well worth it. Every minute with them is a joy.
And another joy of the year is the fact that I have had the privilige to be spending time with some great people. The best of friends! Great parties!
Looking forward to 2020!!!

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