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“What´s next?” and “How many dangerous animals have you met face to face?”

“What´s next?” and “How many dangerous animals have you met face to face?”
Two questions from this past week. Also two of the most common questions I recieve. I am sitting here early morning, as usual, I get up at three a.m. Best time of the day to work away. No traffic outside, no elevator noise from the building and just the lights of the sleeping city. The girls are sleeping away in their room. I have done my yoga and I am having my precious cup of coffee. I feel priviliged. A strong feeling I encounter every morning. How priviliged isn´t it to be able to answer those two questions above in front of an eager group of people?
The first one came during a motivational speak which I enjoyed tremendously. I always get some kind of a gift after the talks I do. This time, I think one of the best, three tickets to Melodischlager Festivalen in Malmö! The girls loves this singing contest! It is a normal family thing we do, watch and critique! And I got this quality running shirt too!
The second question came from a group of eager young Scouts in North Caroline. Over Facebook. Ready to meet the world of exploration. Talking and hopefully inspiring youngsters is very fulfilling. Just to see their eagerness and freedom in their eyes!
Answers, question one, still in the making. Number two, many!!!
Why not see the trailer from the past Expedition here? Check https://youtu.be/yhNOBqs0-gA

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