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Thanks Anya

I still don´t understand what is happening. I wake up early as usual. Do my normal routine. Start the coffe machine, do 15 min of yoga and sit down in front of the laptop. With a steaming hot cup of coffee to wake me up. But when I start reading the news….your mood hits the ground immediately.
The idea is to find articles who gives some kind of perspective, strategy and hope. Here´s one by Yuval Hariri https://www.ft.com/content/19d90308-6858-11ea-a3c9-1fe6fedcca75?fbclid=IwAR3JxO-9KkPaSMqZbOOf1E90JaLooB5DAekMawWPn1niUttpuXmo5KWWW_U
Though it also warns about authoritarian states like Poland. Who is using this pandemic to turn their societies into less democratic states. Again.
Anya, one of the most fantastic people I know, is on route back home to her town in Poland. Reading about the measures taken to fight the corona in Poland worries me. But I know she is almost there. She has been looking after the girls whilst I have been away. The girls are happier and better fed than ever! Anya is a blessing!
These photos here are taken in January, before the storm. A short work visit on route home from Barcelona. Of course we visited my favourite café, Bar Piotrus. A flashback in food, style and visitors from the Soviet days. Try their lemon vodka! But we also went to visit the National Museum. To view the Soviet Era paintings. I just love watching these! They are so unreal. Best one´s to found though at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow https://goo.gl/photos/P7MDcJeLAasXNa7f6
Thanks Anya for being the best of human beings!

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