Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Dealing with the isolation during Covid-19

Somehow this situation of isolation and waiting time out, it doesn´t feel completely unknown. To the girls and me. Two years ago we stayed three months at the Greenlandic Patient Home in Copenhagen. Many patients had cancer. We knew them one day, the next they were gone. Like now, we were sure things would end soon and we could return to Greenland. First we thought we would be there for two weeks. Then six weeks. They decided to operate Eva´s right eye too. Suddenly we had been there 3 months. The girls had no schoolwork then. Like now. No contact with friends. They talked to mum on and off, like now. So how did we get the days to move on without feeling too bored?
We had routines. We read together, played and walked outdoors when Eva wasn´t feeling too bad. We saw our first polarbear at zoo. We visited a lot of museums. I was still doing my ultra training, so I ran 5 days a week in Fallaedsparken. We met new and old friends. In the afternoon, we chillaxed. The girls did their IPAD stuff. And I did mine. Plus my tax papers. Like now. As boring then, as today.
And we planned for an Expedition together. Like nlow.
Time will go faster than you believe. Just enjoy the moment. It might not come back.

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