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Book review: POLAR EXPLORATION – A Practical handbook for North and South Pole Expeditions

A Practical handbook for North and South Pole Expeditions
By Dixie Dansercoer
I was surprised, but happy, to find out that a guide for polar travel existed. It is written by Dixie Dancergoer, a Belgian professional polar guide. He has made many long-haul polar expeditions. They include the first North-to-South crossing of Antarctica in 1998. In 2007 he did the first crossing of the Arctic Ocean from Siberia to Greenland in 2007. Together with fellow country man Alain Hubert. They manhauled and kite-skied 3,924km in 99 days. Amazing feat!
For this reason, Dixie knows what he is talking about! As regards to polar travel. The book is tuned to folks who wants to ski wither to the North pole or South Pole. But works as good for any Arctic Expeditions on skis.
It covers pretty much everything. From the bigger picture of planning to small details about equipment. I am very happy that a book like this exist. It should be read by anyone contemplating an Arctic Expedition. Solo or in group.
For me I immediately when to read the chapter on equipment. There´s a continuous development within equipment. And reading his book was also ticking of things I shouldn´t forget. A great wake-me-up book too! So well worth having as a reference book for any veteran explorer.
The only disappointment was that it lacked which specific equipment he recommended. The market is full of brands and gear. It is very hard for a beginner to know. This would help the future polar explorer a lot. It would save money and problems. Also more detail what opitions there are to access both the North Pole and the South Pole.
But, he comes across as a very nice fella, so I am sure one can write to him and ask. Do visit his website here https://polarexperience.com/

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