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Best equipment from the Greenland Expedition and project? Åsnes Skis

Best equipment from the Greenland Expedition and project?
I often get kit questions. What is good and what is not. Which brands? Since Christmas is coming up I have picked 15 items which I will present to you during five days. Equipment which is worth the price, works on the most demanding of Expeditions and won´t let you down.
Åsnes Skis
I got my first pair back in 2002. Åsnes Nansen. They´re still with me. They took me down the Kolyma. Eventually I had an updated Nansen pair. They´re still with me too, but during the Greenland Expedition I was given the Ingstad Edition. They´re a dream. I have used my Åsnes skis in a variety of settings. Deep snow, a long time, extreme cold, slush, extreme wetness and I have never had a problem.
Highly recommended!

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